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Research  Projects

Professional  Affiliations

Research    groups


Postdoctoral research

University of São Paulo

part of the research project: Local Musiking: New Pathways for Ethnomusicology.


The Embodiment of Experiences of Local Music Participation

An audio-visual research of the local DIY music Scene of São Paulo

CVA Member

Elected member of the Commission for Visual Anthropology of the World Anthropological Union (WAU) since 2013

Member of the Brazilian Ethnomusicological Association

Member of the Brazilian Anthropological Association

Research Groups

University of São Paulo


Research Group in Anthropology and Music (PAM)

Research Group in Visual Anthropology (GRAVI)

Research Group in Anthropology and Global Caribbean (CANIBAL)

CEVA Memeber

Initator of CEVA (Center for Visual and Anthropological Education)

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